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WiToss is a Windows Mobile version of the PaperToss, but wait....there's more.

In my version there is also Football and Basketball modes so that you can enjoy several different games in one.

3 Levels of Difficulty (the wind get's stronger in each level)
3 Separate Game Screens
Independent Best Score (for each variation of each game)
"Helper Mode" (directional arrow just needs a tap to make the paper fly) and "Manual Mode" where you swipe the finger to launch the paper.
Two player mode, so you can compete with your friends to see who can keep their five lives longer.

Three gaming modes:
Timed to see how many points you can score in a given time, you can toggle between 1,3 and 5 minute modes.
Five lives mode where you play until you miss 5 times.
Free play mode where you can play with no limits

This game will provide for hours of entertainment so you can always have something to do no matter where you are.

Reviewed By:

Update v1.1
New UI, Updated to work on HD2 devices.

Minor Update v1.1.1
Fixed target size with each difficulty level, flight path is more realistic.

Price: $1.69
OS Requirements: Windows Mobile 6.0 and up
Screen Support: VGA, WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA