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Holiday Spirit is a fun holiday app, actually a two game pack...

The games are Dreidel (a traditional Jewish Hanukkah game) and a game called SantaRun.

Dreidel is played exactly how it is in real life, so if you know the game that's great and if not, this is a good chance to learn.

SantaRun is a fun game where you help Santa dodge presents, it is a fun game that will keep you coming back to see if you can set a new high score.

How to play the games:


The rules of the game Dreidel are very simple, each player starts with same number of coins (gelt), puts a coin into the pot
(kupah) and spins the Dreidel (a four sided top).

Four outcomes are:
Shin - The player adds a
game piece to the pot.

Nun - Nothing, Move on

Gimel - The player gets
everything in the pot.

Hei - The player gets half of
the pot (rounded up)

The game goes on until either the first
person is out or until one person takes
it all based on the game selection.


Santa had a little mishap on his way and his
sleigh crashed, Now he needs your help
until his reindeer arrive.

Object of the game is simple, help Santa
avoid the falling presents. You can do that by tilting your phone (accelerometer required) or by tapping left/right sides of the screen.

Two modes of game play allow you to play either for points or against the clock.

1-10 minutes time mode
Easy/Medium/Hard Level Selection

Price: $0.99
OS Requirements: Windows Mobile 6.0 and up, OpenGL
Screen Support: VGA, WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA

Myspace: renderlive